Do you fancy living on a houseboat for 4 months?

From November '21 to March '22 our new boat 'Woodstock' is available for a continuous, static hire. The boat will be based at the Bridgewater marina (our base and 9 miles by road from Manchester city centre). Have you ever dreamed of living on the water for a while? Would you like to try living on a boat before you decide whether to buy your own? Or do you just fancy spending 4 months living on a houseboat. The boat is set up for comfortable winter living - it has central heating. There is outdoor space just near the boat a place to store a bicycle and a car park at the marina.

From November 2018 to March 2019 Charlotte stayed aboard our now retired boat 'Gloria' and here's what she wrote: 

"I stayed aboard 'Gloria' over the winter months of last year (until March this year). I was ready to live on my own for the first time and I've always wondered what life would be like on a narrowboat. I've made so many good memories and this has been the best year of my life so far! It's amazing how just a few months can change your life. 
Hester has transformed 'Gloria' into a beautiful, contemporary home. I didn't need to add anything to make it feel homely. Everyone at the marina was so welcoming. I felt safe and I got to know the local area quite quickly. 
I was never too cold and it was so peaceful at night. I loved waking up to see swans outside my bedroom window. I worked in the city centre, so I had the best of both worlds. 
If you're looking for something different, or just time to reflect, 'Gloria' is the place to be!

This static hire is available for the full duration for 1 person only. 

If you are interested in the November to March static hire please get in touch.

The space between these boats will be the winter mooring.

The space between the boats is our mooring.