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We are offering a 20% discount on a 21 night hire for experienced hirers only read on....

The hire dates on offer are 24th September to 15th October 2020.

Trip ideas: Four Counties Ring, Llangollen, very leisurely Liverpool OR how about this....

From our base Bridgewater marina via Manchester, Huddersfield Narrow to Standedge Tunnel - the longest, highest and deepest tunnel in the country. Then on the Calder to Leeds. Returning via Leeds Liverpool (inc. the Wigan flight of 23 locks). Total locks: 223 in 3 weeks!!! This trip was completed by a couple who hired 'Gloria' in 2013.

The boat on offer will be our new 57ft/17m cruiser stern, reverse layout, 4 berth with central heating and a solid fuel stove (completion date April 2020).

  • Prices with the 20% discount: £2,305.60 (1 double) or £2,337.60 (2 doubles) all prices are inclusive of diesel, gas, a change of bedding and towels and on-call support - there are no extra charges.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

21 night hire 20% discount

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