Our Experience Days

Do you or does anyone you know want to learn the basics of how to steer and manoeuvre a narrowboat? Well, we offer ‘experience days’ to learn just that - the 'experience' will last for 4 hours and in that time you will learn the following:

What You Will Learn

  • First you will get a tour of the boat and we'll go through some essential health and safety aspects
  • When we cast off and set to cruising down the canal the tiller (the bit that steers the boat) will be handed to you
  • We'll practice mooring up and learn which knots to tie to secure the boat, you will learn how to cast off, stop and navigate around obstacles and then how to turnaround in a winding hole (designated turning point)
  • You'll findout where you can moor up and where not to
  • We'll look at some simple daily engine checks and show you how to check the weed hatch (clean the propeller)
  • You’ll also see how easy navigation is on the canal
  • We’ll give you lot's of useful tips to take away if you ever decide to have a narrowboat holiday
  • Lunch will be on the boat at a time to suit - the ‘experience’ will be guided by your wishes
  • Due to our location we will not have time to learn how to go through locks and swing bridges, we will go through tunnels
  • You will also receive a 5% discount on a 7 or more night hire if you purchase the 'Experience Day' or 'Deluxe Experience Day'.
  • Navigating Narrow Spaces Photo Jules Hornbrook

    Who Does The Training?

The training will be done by Hester. I own and have operated Star Narrowboat Holidays since 2012. I hold Quality Accredited Boatyard status (QAB). The QAB status is not a star rating, it's an accreditation that offers reassurances of safe and legal practices together with good customer service. This means that my handovers (including teaching boat management skills) and customer service have been assessed by British Marine who run the QAB scheme with licence from VisitEngland. 

QAB Star Narrowboat Holidays

Many people who hire with us are beginners, though happily an increasing number are 'returners'! Here's some feedback from the Guest Book and online reviews:

  •    We have had a wonderful introduction to narrowboats and canals aboard 'Queenie'. Great briefing from Hester, gave us the confidence to enjoy a couple of days heading out towards Lymm and back. John & Jenni (Northumberland, UK).

   We are now, well and truly hooked, thanks in no small part to Hester at Star. The quality of her boats, her tuition, her dedication to ensuring that you enjoy yourself is second to none. Adrian & Andrea (Ireland, UK).

   A little daunted at the prospect initially but Hester’s laid-back nature and expert tuition put me right at ease, got the hang of it in no time. Cat & Scotty (Yorkshire, UK).

Experience days are usually run from November to March - other times may be available please enquire.

Note: This is not an accredited Helmsman Certificate, please see the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) for information about accredited helmsman courses. 


The cost for the 'Experience Day' is £150 for 2 persons for 4 hours training, hot and cold drinks will be provided (please bring your own lunch). Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, credit card via Paypal (add 2%).

Extend the day and stay aboard the boat for the night - the 'Deluxe' version!

If you’d like an ‘Experience Day’ with a night spent aboard the boat back at base (not with me of course ;)) the cost is £310. Bedding, towels and fuel for the solid fuel stove is included in the price.

The Experience Day and the Deluxe Experience Day can be bought as a voucher for any enquiries please get in touch contact.




Email: info@starnarrowboatholidays.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)7944 404 227
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Experience Day The 'Experience' starts here!


 Lilli at the helm photo by Brendan


Stay Aboard For The Night Stay for the night - the 'Deluxe Version'!

Receive a 5% discount on 7 or more nights hire if you complete an 'Experience Day'.