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First-Time Boaters' Long Weekender by @JulesHornbrook

As complete novices, a long weekend aboard Queenie was both daunting and exciting as we arrived for our essential instruction at the Bridgewater Marina. But nerves quickly gave way to confidence and enthusiasm as we yearned to get cracking - such was Hester’s easy-to-understand boating lesson. In…

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Way Upstream by Craig Johnson

The canal network across the UK now plays an underappreciated role in the country's culture.

In the 19th Century, however, the waterways had a vital role in the Industrial Revolution and impacted the wealth and the way-of-life.

But now the…

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Know Your Routes - For Experienced Hirers & Beginners.

A quick look at ideas for routes - all the routes below are based on a cruising time of 5 hours per day over continuous days. Allow more days/nights for the hire time if you want to explore areas away from the boat such as when you are in Liverpool or if you decide to take some days off from the boat…

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The Propeller Will Keep Singing.

When we first went to Stafford to pick up Queenie for the 5 day journey home we soon found out that she had a ‘singing propeller’. This sound sometimes occurs when a combination of propeller diameter, speed (rpm) , trailing edge size, roundness and thickness are just at the right levels to cause a…

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Diary of the Cheshire Ring 2014.

A short diary written by Andy Manley who hired Gloria this summer to complete the Cheshire Ring with his wife and daughter. Photos by Joep & Martine who took Gloria on the same route in 2012.

Started out from Bridgewater marina on Monday 4th at 1530. Cruised to Dunham arriving…

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