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Allowing My Intangible Core To Catch Up With The Rest Of Me...

Words and pictures by DJ Adams 

I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed a couple of trips on Queenie in the past few years, ambling up and down the Bridgewater Canal in the spring. The days…

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Rocking the Boat

Back in 2017, I was approached by Gestalten Books, a Berlin based publisher that wanted to make a 'coffee table' book of boats, cabins and homes on the water. They would call the book Rock the Boat. They had spotted my first…

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Fourth Time Lucky Reaching Liverpool On A Hireboat by Colin Wilkinson

Our first attempt to reach Liverpool by canal in 2014 failed due to a demolition contractor depositing a huge mound of loose rubble on a historic bridge in Stanley Dock, resulting in the closure of the Liverpool Link. We abandoned the idea until 2017 and then it still took us another…

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No Such Thing As A Thrilling Canal Trip?

We've nabbed a tiny article from The Times newspaper for this blog post - make of it what you will...

The Times Article

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New Hire Schedule

In March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October our boat 'Queenie' is available for the following hire start and end dates:

'Queenie' 2 Berth
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Hedgehogs by Hester Cox

Sometimes hedgehogs fall into the canal, they can float for a short while and then their lungs fill with water and they drown UNLESS we can fish them out and save them. Since working on the canal I have found a few hedgehogs, some I have fished out, called the Read more

Fantastic Three Days (With a Special Crew Member). Words & photo's by Sarah Napier

We had a wonderful three day boat trip aboard Queenie in June 2015.  We’ve done quite a bit of boating and it was the most comfortable quality boat we have ever enjoyed.  Hester keeps the boat first class and…

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Moor Up & Visit The Altrincham Market. Words by Nick Johnson, photo's by Claire Harrison.

The company that run Altrincham Market are keen canal boaters. They’ve had a 70 foot canal boat called Jacob moored at Moore in Warrington (on the Bridgewater canal) for the last 30 years and have ‘circumnavigated’ Britain’s pastoral beauty by canal (and the Thames) twice with their 4 children. 
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First-Time Boaters' Long Weekender by @JulesHornbrook

As complete novices, a long weekend aboard Queenie was both daunting and exciting as we arrived for our essential instruction at the Bridgewater Marina. But nerves quickly gave way to confidence and enthusiasm as we yearned to get cracking - such was Hester’s easy-to-understand boating lesson. In…

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Way Upstream by Craig Johnson

The canal network across the UK now plays an underappreciated role in the country's culture.

In the 19th Century, however, the waterways had a vital role in the Industrial Revolution and impacted the wealth and the way-of-life.

But now the…

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