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Fourth Time Lucky Reaching Liverpool On A Hireboat by Colin Wilkinson

Our first attempt to reach Liverpool by canal in 2014 failed due to a demolition contractor depositing a huge mound of loose rubble on a historic bridge in Stanley Dock, resulting in the closure of the Liverpool Link. We abandoned the idea until 2017 and then it still took us another…

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No Such Thing As A Thrilling Canal Trip?

We've nabbed a tiny article from The Times newspaper for this weeks blog post - make of it what you will...

The Times Article

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2021 New Hire Schedule

In March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October our boat 'Queenie' will be available for the following hire start and end dates:

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Hedgehogs by Hester Cox

Sometimes hedgehogs fall into the canal, they can float for a short while and then their lungs fill with water and they drown UNLESS we can fish them out and save them. Since working on the canal I have found a few hedgehogs, some I have fished out, called the Read more

Fantastic Three Days (With a Special Crew Member). Words & photo's by Sarah Napier

We had a wonderful three day boat trip aboard Queenie in June 2015.  We’ve done quite a bit of boating and it was the most comfortable quality boat we have ever enjoyed.  Hester keeps the boat first class and…

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